July 16, 2010


A recent update from NPD Group's "Entertainment Trends in America" tracking survey indicates that Apple users, specifically iPhone and iPod users, lead the field when it comes to downloading content from the Web. According to the survey, as many as 75 percent of these users are connecting to the Web to download entertainment and applications.

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Etiquette Erosion

A recent Variety article decried the lack of compassion in new forms of communication such as e-mail and Twitter. While based upon the entertainment world, this insight into the current state of business etiquette is valid across the business world.

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The Marketing Hole

A recent blog post in the Silicon Valley Watcher asserted that Google dislikes marketing and PR and that this is the reason for several new service offering failures. According to author Tom Foremski, the company has no problem investing in research and technology, but when it comes time to launch a new service there is a gaping hole in its marketing strategy.

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That's Entertainment Media

According to information from Price Waterhouse Coopers, consumers are adopting new media technologies at a dizzying rate. These changes in how consumers use media for entertainment have led to a resurgence in the entertainment and media markets. The company identified three themes that it believes will emerge from changing customer behavior.

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