June 15, 2010

Robo Reporter

A recent Business Week article about a new software that can "write a story" from raw data leads one to wonder if machines will eventually take over journalism. In the example cited in the article, sports media companies can take raw statistics from a sporting event and translate it into a readable story, saving the cost of hiring a beat reporter to attend and report on a game.

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Who Owns Your Story?

A recent Variety article delved into the concept that we are entering a new era of "transactional journalism" - a world in which news coverage can have a dramatic impact on business deals and processes. While the article concentrated on the entertainment industry, the insights are valid for almost any company today.

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Use PR for SEO

Most marketing executives understand the need for high search engine rankings. Many also know that outside links can push a ranking higher. However, a large number of companies rely on links from partners, followers and social media to get outside links to their sites. Here is a powerful idea from an SEO expert - use PR!

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The Evolving News Media

As reported by Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, news is becoming a social experience, with many people finding out about news items through people they know or through social media. One of the interesting findings is that, while blogs shared the same lead story with traditional media in just 13 of the 49 weeks studied, newspapers and broadcast networks generated more than 99 percent of the stories linked to by bloggers.

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