May 12, 2010

The New "Journalists"

The 2010 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey reports that 52 percent of bloggers consider themselves to be journalists. Yet, despite viewing themselves as professional, only 20 percent derive the majority of their income from their blog work; a four percent increase from 2009. The report finds that workloads are increasing and that the current state of media is still in flux, as evidenced by diverging views of traditional and new media and the media and PR communities.

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Is the Internet Just A "Place?"

A recent blog post states that, while journalism students are receiving education that is focused on how to write for new media, one shortcoming in this is that they are trained to view the Internet as just another place to report news. As the post asserts, simply placing news online does not guarantee that it will be noticed. It may be that journalism students will need to develop more of a marketing approach to delivering news in the future.

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Evolution of Journalism Necessitates Change

A recent op-ed piece in USA Today posits that, as the journalism landscape changes, so must marketers and the public. The lines between news reporting and entertainment are increasingly blurred, and even bloggers are beginning to consider themselves legitimate journalists (see story here). This new "democratization" of the news media requires that marketers expand their outreach and focus.

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Obama Urges Diverse Media Consumption

In a speech made last month at the commencement ceremony at the University of Michigan, President Obama spoke about trends in news media coverage and consumption. Stating that being outrageous and contentious was considered necessary to gain media attention, he cautioned that civil discourse was a necessary ingredient of a functional democracy, and encouraged listeners to try to understand opposing points of view.

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