April 13, 2010

Engineering Versus PR

A recent BNET article describing Google's weakness in marketing notes the gap that exists between left-brain engineers and right-brain marketing types. While engineers can get caught up in technology and metrics, PR pros realize that just building something cool doesn't mean that people will line up to buy it.

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State of the News Media

Most of us don't need to see the latest "State of the News Media" from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism to know that times are tough in the news business. With newspapers (including online) seeing a staggering 41 percent decline in ad revenues in the last three years, and local television news seeing a 24 percent decline in 2009 alone, the news media is scrambling to find new revenue sources to finance the gathering and reporting of news.

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How Much is Too Much Info?

A recent study of information consumption by U.S. households provides an interesting snapshot into what the information revolution may mean to consumers (and those of us who market to them.) The amount of information we consume is staggering, and how we get that information may be surprising.

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Mainstream Media's Impact

According to a recent report from TargetCast, mainstream media is being challenged by the migration to digital alternatives, but it can't be beaten for consumer influence.

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