February 23, 2010

PR Spending Predicted to Reach $8 Billion by 2013

According to the latest Communications Industry Forecast by Veronis Suhler Stevenson, spending on PR will top $8 billion in the next three years, a 55 percent increase over 2008 expenditures. Part of this growth is attributed to the more complex and fragmented media landscape that has developed.

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An Inconvenient PR Truth

A group of publishers and communications professionals have created an interesting Web site decrying the ineffective and wasteful use of press releases by many PR companies. Their position is supported by a survey done in November and December.

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Content on the Web is King

While many marketers have flocked to social media as a panacea for their economic ills, most people who are online spend the majority of their time at content-rich sites, according to a recent study from the Online Publishers Association.

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Social Media Sources Less Reliable

According to a recent survey by Cision and George Washington University, journalists are using social media more than ever to source and research stories. However, they trust social media sources less than "traditional" ones.

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