September 21, 2009

C-Level Execs Preparing for Recovery

C-level executives are preparing for an economic recovery, according to a recent study from Forbes Insights and Gartner, with seven of ten expecting growth next year, and 87% confident that their companies will experience growth in 2012. Marketing and communications is expected to take a prominent place in growth plans, with digital marketing and communication seen as top tech investments.

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PR Poised for Greatest Impact during Recovery

The recession has changed the way consumers look at the world, and companies will need to communicate effectively as recovery begins, according to a PRWeek article. As consumers focus on value and begin to research and investigate every buying decision, the companies that best communicate their story and value proposition have the best opportunity for growth.

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Traditional Media Beats Bloggers

According to a new Cornell University study, "conventional" media still beats bloggers to the punch on most news stories. The study found that information usually starts with mainstream news sources and then flows to blogs, while only 3.5% of news stories originate in the blogosphere.

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The New (Media) World

A recent PRWeek video interview with TrylonSMR President Lloyd Trufelman focused on the rise of new media, its effect on businesses, and the resulting need for executives to change the way they view the PR function of their companies.

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