July 13, 2009

Ad Execs Recommend PR

When an advertising executive prescribes public relations as an inoculation against recessionary forces, you know that times are changing. In a recent Business Week article, Steve McKee, a Cleveland advertising agency CEO, recommends PR as a key to retaining and attracting customers!

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Broadband Breaks Out

Home broadband penetration is picking up, according to recent findings from the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project. While previously stuck in the 54-57% range, home adoption rates among adult Americans hit 63%, with most of the growth coming from population groups that have traditionally had below average usage rates.

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Policing Bloggers

According to a recent AP story, the FTC is planning to monitor bloggers in an attempt to cut down on "pay for play" posts about consumer products. At issue is whether it is ethical or even legal to post about an item if there is any incentive involved. New guidelines are expected to be issued this summer regarding what is and isn't allowed.

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Internet Grows as Media Outlet

The average U.S. adult has nearly doubled their daily use of the Internet in the past three years according to a May report by The Media Audit. In 2008 the average U.S. adult spent 3.8 hours per day, compared to 2.1 hours in 2006, an 81% increase over three years. As a result, the Internet now represents 32.5% of the typical "media day" for all U.S. adults when compared to daily exposure to newspaper, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

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