June 13, 2009

Why PR Matters

There are several elements to a long-term PR strategy that can focus public perception on a company's positive qualities. Third party endorsements, news, events, and speaking engagements or interviews can all help to provide critical exposure for companies looking to rise above the media hubbub.

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Marketing Is Not Math

A recent viewpoint article in Advertising Age by Al Ries described the current fascination with math that has taken over much of the corporate thinking about marketing. Whether it's the focus on marketing ROI, the keen slicing and dicing of budgets, or the overall market share numbers, there is a strong sense that math determines a marketing strategy. As Mr. Ries points out, marketing is more than just a numbers game.

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Survival in the Digital Age

Businesses need to evolve to survive the digital revolution, according to a recent article in strategy+business. Consumers are taking more control over their media consumption and also exerting more influence on brand reputations. Companies that fail to plan their marketing and business strategies around this shifting landscape will be doomed.

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Patience Pays

The advent of technology has changed journalism forever. There is no doubt that instant gratification is part of today's media world. Getting information and news at a moment's notice is now considered mandatory. Therefore, it is no wonder that business owners and managers expect their PR efforts to pay off instantly as well. Unfortunately, there is no "magic button" that can be pushed to create instant PR.

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