January 20, 2009

Recession Marketing Survey

Despite the current recession, nearly one-third of b-to-b marketers plan to increase their marketing budgets this year, according to BtoB magazine's "2009 Marketing Priorities and Plans" survey.

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The State of the Media Democracy

To shed light on how different generations are "consuming" media - and what their future media preferences are likely to be - Deloitte LLP's Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice commissioned an extensive survey on the evolving role of media in America. This State of the Media Democracy survey offers a generational reality check on the usage of current media platforms/devices and what the future may hold.

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A Day in the Life

In an effort to assess how Americans interact with the plethora of media that surrounds them, Adweek recently enlisted researchers from Ball State University's Center for Media Design (CMD) to observe four individuals for one day each. The very different patterns of media behavior on display underscore the complexity of a world in which consumers increasingly program their own media lives and content is no longer defined by platform.

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Bad Publicity is Old News

Bad publicity is rarely as damaging as your worst fears. The ever-present news cycle pounds on continuously and even the Madoff story will soon fade into obscurity. But when you are caught in the glare of media attention, it seems like the bad news will never end. That's when you can take comfort in the fact that you are prepared for a media crisis. You are prepared, aren't you?

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