October 10, 2008

Economic Downturn? PR Opportunity!

Have you considered joining the herd and hunkering down for the next few years as we weather the economic storm? If so, you may be missing out on one of the best PR opportunities in years. In difficult times, journalists and editors are searching for "good news" - and even the smallest triumph can receive acclaim.

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SEC Provides Guidance On Digital Media

Company websites are evolving from a "static" to a "dynamic" medium, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and thus the concept of public dissemination is being revised. In August, the Commission issued an "interpretive release" on this issue, touching on disclosure, blogs and the use of press releases. This can have an effect on corporate communications and PR strategies in the near future.

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What Makes Good News?

Newspaper readers agree with editors on the basics of what makes good journalism, but they are more apt to want looser rules for online conversations, a recent study on news credibility has found. For example, while newspapers highly discourage anonymous remarks, editors are more likely than readers to want that principle applied to reader comments online.

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Pay for Play

Controversy over the ethics of the media exchanging favorable news stories for advertising dollars is on the rise after a recent study by Millward Brown showed that 19 percent of senior U.S. marketers surveyed said that they bought advertising in return for a news story.

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