July 15, 2008

Recession-Proof Your Business With PR

Many American businesses have already weighed in on whether or not we're in a recession through their actions; a recent article from Manage Smarter says that one of the surest signs of such a decline is corporate America's recent mass retreat from the marketing and communications strategies that fueled growth during healthier economic times. But, contrary to these marketing cutbacks, there is plenty of evidence that says continuing to engage in marketing during an economic downturn can sustain business and provide a competitive advantage.

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News is all about people - they either make it, or they are affected by it. A corollary to that would seemingly be that the more people that occupy a state, the more news is made by that state. An interesting cartogram, from Science News magazine, shows that even allowing for population, some states create more news than others.

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Getting Your Blog Fix

Blogs have become an important element of popular culture, mass media, and the daily lives of countless Internet users. Like any habit, visiting blogs and posting can become a ritual, something that is not so much enjoyed as it is an automatic reaction: sit down at the computer, check your email, and check the blogs. A recent study from the University of California at Irvine looked at how people are reading blogs and the impact of blogs on their daily lives.

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Influence of Social Media On PR

In a newly posted paper, Donald K. Wright (Boston University) and Michelle Hinson (Institute for Public Relations), continue their research into how technology and blogs have challenged public relations practice, stating that the potential influence of blogs on public relations is "phenomenal."

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