June 10, 2008

Why Muzzle the CEO?

When is an interview an advertorial? One is curious when a supposed interview opportunity is turned into a tightly controlled "on-topic" structured conversation. Why muzzle a CEO or limit the questions of an interested reporter? A recent CNET interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt illustrates the question.

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More CEOs Need To Let Loose

As a compliment to the first story, it's time for CEOs to return to the bully pulpit, according to the Wall Street Journal. A recent article bemoaned the fact that many "strong-willed chairmen and CEOs fear saying anything controversial in public."

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Using Research To Drive Business Results

A new paper by the Institute for Public Relations' Commission on Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation members Katie Paine, Pauline Draper and Angela Jeffrey focuses on tying public relations programs to business results. It examines how a variety of organizations have used PR measurement to demonstrate real business outcomes of their efforts.

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Do Americans Trust The Press?

A recent Harris Interactive poll finds that more than half of Americans (54 percent) - say that they do not trust the press, "with only 30 percent tending to trust the press." More Americans (41 percent) trust "Internet news and information sites" than they do the mainstream media, while radio tends to do best among Americans, as 44 percent say they tend to trust that medium.

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