April 15, 2008

Giving Up "Control" and Making A Stand

President of NBC Universal Integrated Media, Beth Comstock, started out as a publicist. Over the years, she has had to develop thick skin in dealing with the news media. She recently told The Institute for Public Relations that it's time for publicists to give up the idea that they have "control" over the media or the ability to command a story. Instead, she made it clear that PR has to take a stand, and that good management will respect it.

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US Broadband Goals NOT Reached

Recently, the U.S. Government published the report "Networked Nation: Broadband in America" that paints a rosy picture of how the United States nearly reached President Bush's goal of giving high-speed Internet access by 2007. However, the report results may not be quite what they seem.

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Media Myths and Realities

A 2007 media usage survey from the University of Southern California's Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center called Media Myths and Realities: A Public of One points to the increasing role of individuals in communications, and the lessening impact of major media on the information they receive. Reflecting the globalization of communication, the 2007 survey was expanded to include consumers in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

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Book Review: "Manage the Media"

When it comes to dealing with the press, many executives are reactive. They don't worry about media relations until a crisis hits - then they can't understand why they take such a beating. In his new book, "Manage the Media (Don't Let the Media Manage You)," William J. Holstein offers advice that can help CEOs better prepare for the almost inevitable media scrutiny.

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