May 05, 2007

IBM Finds a 'Media Divide'

Hundreds of billions of dollars are up for grabs in the clash between traditional and new media, dubbed the “Media Divide” by IBM Global Business Services in a recently issued report. The report, titled “Navigating the Digital Divide: Innovating and Enabling New Business Models,” found that new forms of media will grow at a 23 percent compound annual rate in the next four years, nearly five times the growth rate of traditional media businesses.

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To Tell the Truth

Princeton University Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, whose 2005 best-seller On B.S. examined the differences between lying and B.S., takes on the apparently opposite subject in his new sequel On Truth.

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Not Just for Bad Things

The above is also the headline of a recent article extolling the virtues of public relations – in a leading advertising industry newsletter!

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PR: Builder or Buffer?

Should public relations be a buffer between organizations and the public? Or should PR serve to build bridges between them?

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