December 29, 2006

PR Takes Its Place at the Head of Marketing Table

Once upon a time, public relations was seen as the supporting act by marketers who reserved the main stage for advertising initiatives. Now, PR is the headliner, according to an article in The Advertiser, the magazine for the Association of National Advertisers.

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Media Relations Most Relevant Function of Corporate PR

PRWeek recently conducted a Corporate Survey detailing the allocation of PR budgets and functions of large companies. The study, managed by market researcher Cymfony, finds that media relations is the number one function performed by corporate PR departments, with 79.5 percent of survey respondents citing it as the most prevalent activity. When it comes to the average breakdown of companies’ PR budgets, 18.6 percent is spent on activities related to media relations – again, the number one expenditure.

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Buying the Bloggers

We’d like to interrupt this newsletter to say a few kind words about [Pay $8.00 to have your product mentioned here!]

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As Press Freedom Falls, Bad PR for US Rises

The level of freedom of the press in the United States continues to fall, according to a report from global journalism advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

The group's fifth annual Press Freedom Index ranked the U.S. 53rd in the world – a decline of nine spots since last year, and 36 spots since the index debuted in 2002.

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