August 13, 2006

Mid-Size Counts (When it Comes to PR)

Mid-sized public relations firms are receiving greater recognition for carving out singular identities in their approach to media relations and client services, as evidenced by a report from the London-based Public Relations Consultants Association.

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Brevity is the Soul of the Pitch

When it comes to successful pitching, leave the bells and whistles behind: keep it short and to the point.

Always keep in mind that journalists are constantly pressed for time. When sorting through mountains of emails and faxes or endless streams of phone calls, journalists can be especially responsive to messages that cut through the clutter merely by the virtue of being quick. Editors react the same way, as they often demand that reporters provide a brief synopsis of a story proposal before signing off on it.

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Resisting The Echo Chamber

Broadcasting and Cable’s blog BC Beat pointed out how PR contacts at YouTube were recycling generic quotes from executives to drive their positioning message home in a variety of otherwise unrelated stories.

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Bloggers Personified

As the trend of “citizen journalism” becomes more of a fact of life, the PR industry stands to benefit greatly, despite the challenges this new form of news gathering presents.

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