July 26, 2006

Media Relations - Back to Basics

The May 15 edition of PR Week featured its annual New York Regional Forum, where leading communications professionals from a variety of agencies, corporations, nonprofits, and other organizations in the nationís top media market took part in an extensive roundtable discussion about major issues facing the industry.

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PR Moving To C-Suite

The public relations industry has a received a collective pat on the back from the top names in corporate America. The evidence comes a study by the USC Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center, Los Angeles, that found more than three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies now have PR reporting directly to the C-level executive suite.

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CMO Cobbler Lacks Shoes

Chief Marketing Officers are responsible for the marketing strategies and initiatives that move a business forward. They have to build brand recognition, corporate reputation, and make their company top-of-mind in their segment. So why canít CMOs market themselves?

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Go Tribal

Itís a good thing futurist and business consultant Watts Wacker believes in paradox. Last month, in his keynote speech at the Public Relations Society of Americaís Counselors Academy Convention in Savannah, Wacker attempted to put notions such as the ďabolition of contextĒ into -- for lack of a better word -- context.

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