June 03, 2006

The Good News About PR

The public relations industry is getting a good deal of PR these days, as evidenced by articles and think pieces in publications ranging from The Economist to Advertising Age. The story is that the advertising industry is in the throes of a crisis of confidence, if not identity, while PR, with its protean ability to integrate messages through a variety of platforms, is filling the void.

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Perceived Pay For Play Is Bad News

Readers have become so jaded to the practice of marketers seeking editorial coverage by paying for it or by using it as leverage for buying ad space, they now believe that a significant amount of the editorial content in media is paid for, according to a study by Starcom MediaVest.

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Making The Grade ... Yet Again

The Holmes Report, known for its comprehensive qualitative analysis of the public relations agency business, has released its 2006 report card on PR firms. We are happy to report that once again, Trylon SMR received a very positive grade.

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America's Image Slips

America's Image a Target During Wartime? Send PR to the Frontlines

Beyond the military difficulties the U.S. is experiencing in Iraq and Afghanistan, the country is also inexcusably struggling in the war of ideas. A Pew Global Studies Project Study of 16 nations points out that the United States remains broadly disliked in most countries surveyed. Even the opinion held of the American people is not as positive as it once was.

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