May 05, 2006

Trylon Communications Is Now Trylon SMR

*Published in Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter, the No. 1 website for original "public relations news" according to Google, on May 10, 2006. Reprinted by permission.

Trylon Communications, founded in 1990 by Lloyd Trufelman, who had been in PR posts with MTV Networks, Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, and Rubenstein Associates, has changed its name to TrylonSMR to reflect its continued emphasis on press relations.

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National TV News Sees Trust Eroding

While national television remains the most trusted news source, ahead of newspapers and public radio, the Internet is gaining ground, especially among the young, according to a major international survey of trust in the media.

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Journalists' Mea Culpa

A recent survey from Northwestern University polled newspaper reporters and editors about morality in the media. While the general result was not surprising, several interesting facts surfaced that can have a profound effect on a publicity campaign.

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Book Spotlight: Television Disrupted

The rise of the Internet and digital video recorders has made this statement a staple at media conferences lately: “Within the next five years, the business of television will experience greater change than in the previous two decades.”

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