March 07, 2006

Pitching Blogs Revisited

Back in October 2002, when few media professionals gave blogging much thought if any, we introduced the concept of pitching blogs for PR with a strict emphasis on transparency and disclosure being the key to any successful contact.

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Voice of America -- Voiceless?

Perhaps not since the frostiest days of the Cold War has the United States needed such an effective way to communicate to people around the world as the Voice of America, the government’s official broadcasting service. And at no time since then has there been a worse time to restrain it.

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The End of TV As We Know It – Finally!

The increasing amount of media control by consumers will lead to more involved television viewers, a recent white paper from IBM says. The report also provides notable suggestions on how marketers can best use TV in the near future.

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More News, Less Information

The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s just released annual report on journalism, The State of the News Media, states that while there are more sources for news than ever before, the number of stories being covered and the depth of reporting are actually shrinking.

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