February 07, 2006

Word-of-Mouth Marketing PR by Any Other Name

Word-of-mouth marketing has been generating lots of buzz lately, making it like a new marketing phenomenon. Underlying the fad, however, is a solid concept public relations.

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Selective Clipping

Just about every company gets excited when it is mentioned positively in the media. Executives are quick to make copies and circulate them. But what do you do if the story contains both good and bad news? Should you edit and repurpose the clipping to show only the good points? That is definitely not an ethical approach.

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Blog Buzz Backfire

As blogs proliferate across the web, questions will arise about how a blogger should disclose relationships with people or companies about which they write. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal about Spanish tech start-up FON illustrates this dilemma.

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Inspiration At Rest

The world recently lost a visionary artist in Nam June Paik (http://www.paikstudios.com), a man who literally transformed the video media landscape. His work as the inventor of video art and composer of electronic music, video sculptor, and other culturally disruptive innovations , inspired artists around the world to seek expression through new media technologies.

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