January 07, 2006

Trends That Will Affect PR in 2006

As media consumption habits change to reflect evolving technology, public relations campaigns need to adapt. Last year saw major shifts in media consumption, as citizen media grew up, weblogs became commonplace, and podcasting moved almost overnight from a high-tech, fringe concept to mainstream application. Following are some trends we believe may affect your PR strategies in 2006.

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Who’s Behind Op-Ed?

A recent New York Times article reported that opinions written and distributed via the media may in fact be PR ploys in disguise. Examples abound of “impartial third parties” receiving money to write opinion articles. So who’s behind op-ed today?

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Socialized Technology

Only a decade ago most people weren’t even aware that the Internet existed. Today the web has woven its way into the fabric of our lives through work, recreation, education and media consumption. Computers, formerly an exclusive tool for the elite, are incorporated into almost every household appliance. Listen to casual conversations among seniors today and you will hear the words “Google,” “Yahoo!” and “Mapquest.”

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Return on PR Investment (PROI)

The common belief is that it’s impossible to objectively judge a PR campaign’s effectiveness. From old metrics like “how many news clips a press release received” to more recent measurements like website hits, marketers have struggled to get a grip on PR effectiveness. Objectively measuring a campaign’s return on investment would help with budgeting and priority issues. With today’s technology, PR pros can do just that.

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