December 07, 2005

World Summit Conclusions

The United Nations' recent World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), held in Tunisia, marked a new stage of global cooperation in the age of the digital revolution. The Summit demonstrated a firm international consensus for increased cooperation and coordination to advance the digital revolution and to overcome the "digital divide" between rich and poor nations.

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Dirty PR Tricks?

The U.S. Defense Department has allegedly used questionable PR tactics in Iraq. Positive articles about the war written by U.S. troops have appeared in Iraqi newspapers under the guise of independent journalism -- part of a coordinated effort by the U.S. military to win over Iraqi civilians, according to military officials.

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Exploding TV

Media fragmentation has been a main theme of this newsletter for several years. New technologies such as broadband, wi-fi and the Internet have transformed the media landscape. Here are two more examples of the changing landscape:

Brightcove, an Internet TV distribution startup in Cambridge, MA, has received $16.2 million in venture funding for a service that will allow any independent producer to upload video programming to its servers and make it available over the Web. One distribution partner is Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) America Online. "Brightcove offers a complete Internet TV service for video publishers ranging from small independent producers to major media companies who want to build their businesses by distributing and monetizing their video programming through a variety of broadband channels," according to a company statement.

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Blocking and Tackling

As PR gains recognition as a branding vehicle and begins to get more of the marketing budget, it is easy for practitioners to fall into the “big-picture” mode and forget what got them to the table. The goal is to gain publicity for clients (hopefully positive) and that involves the fundamentals of media relations, story pitching and interviews.

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