November 30, 2005

News You Can Use

A recent survey done by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and market research firm Harris Interactive, refutes the popular conceptions about how much people value news today – and where they get it from.

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No Surprise – PR Works!

It often seems as if the PR portion of the marketing mix is the poor step-child, garnering the smallest of budgets and only receiving recognition for the largest successes and failures. Some recent technological breakthroughs are proving that PR not only is effective in getting the word out, but it actually offers strong return on investment (ROI).

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Boiling Over

There was a time when companies attempted to stonewall the media – to “put a lid” on a potentially negative breaking story. In today’s media world, trying to limit the damage of such a story, by withholding information and spinning, could be even more harmful to the company than the story itself.

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Time Consuming

Besides sleeping, people spend more time consuming media than doing anything else. It’s estimated that about 11 hours a day are spent with some type of media, whether it be radio, television, print, Internet, video games, cell phones or other devices. This poses a very important dilemma. How do you break through the clutter with your message?

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