September 28, 2005

PR Disaster

Last month’s tragic disaster in New Orleans resulted in scenes that will forever be etched into the psyche of all Americans: citizens left behind without a safety net, local political leaders begging for help on television and rescue efforts intolerably delayed. While the government instructed residents of New Orleans to evacuate, they gave them neither the resources nor cohesive instructions on how to do so effectively. A clear crisis communication plan from the government could have signaled a decisive, proactive strategy in handling the rescue effort, instead of the bureaucratic missteps which ensued.

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Power of the Vlog

In yet another evolution of media consumption, video blogging, or vlogging, is just beginning to take shape. While not quite as powerful as some proponents proclaim (“The power of a cable news channel in your office!”), there is no doubt that technology and opportunity will bring this new channel into the mainstream.

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Light in the Darkness

Inundating journalists with irrelevant information is the surest way to ward them off of any story you are attempting to place. Instead of burying reporters in useless facts and unrelated anecdotes, streamline the information you send to target the subject at hand.

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Digital Repression

A new book has hit the streets, with some candid observations regarding empowered media consumers and alleged Hollywood attempts to maintain the status quo of the public as passive media consumers. Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation by J.D. Lasica explores the evolution in media consumption through a series of stories that illustrate the theory that Hollywood is actively attempting to repress consumer freedom of choice.

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