June 22, 2005

PR Shines In Recent Survey

A recent survey conducted by PR Week shows that while every other kind of agency - including advertising, direct marketing, and marketing consultancies - had declined in how often marketers were coming to them for nontraditional advice, the number turning to PR agencies doubled from 12% to 24%. That wasn’t the only good news.

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Media’s Role in Venture Capital

A major challenge for venture capital companies is raising the value of their portfolio companies. Churning out press releases that appear on the web only and disappear after a few hours won’t get the job done. A well executed media relations program that brings the portfolio companies press attention can reach key target audiences with messages that enhance credibility, boost awareness and accelerate business development – driving higher valuations.

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Front Line PR

Ask a business executive to name the first line of defense for their organization, and many times the answer will be communications and public relations. As the conflict in Iraq continues, communication is becoming increasingly important on the battlefield as well.

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Turning the Tide

In the wake of all of the negative publicity the U.S. has received as a result of the Quran scandals of Guantanamo, there is certainly a need for the U.S. to proactively attempt to burnish its tarnished image in the Middle East. The Council on Foreign Relations recently released a report that offers solid advice on how the administration might reverse the negative views of our country overseas.

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