April 20, 2005

Surprising Report on News Consumption

A recent article by media industry veteran Merrill Brown in the Carnegie Reporter discusses the challenges faced by news organizations trying to reach younger audiences. The report attempts to assess where these younger people get their news today – and where they may be getting it in the future.

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The Power of the Long Tail

Discussing a phenomenon known as the Long Tail and its effect on web content providers, Wikipedia states: “Web content businesses with broad coverage like Yahoo!, CNET or even TheStreet.com may be threatened by the rise of smaller Web sites that focus on niches of content, and cover that content better than the larger sites.” The power of blogs is having a similar effect on media sites and consumption.

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Respect the Truth

“On B.S,” a new book by Princeton University Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, states that the U.S. is becoming a less informed nation because of the way its citizens consume – and believe – the media.

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Going Backwards

While it is more important than ever that journalists check and double check their facts, a recent survey by News Generation, Inc, a corporate audio news distribution service, indicates that newsrooms are actually cutting back on the staff needed to do such research.

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