February 16, 2005

Podcasting and You

Media fragmentation and consumer control over media consumption have reached the next level with the latest media twist, podcasting. Now anybody can create his or her own “radio show” and post it to the Web for downloading onto an iPod (hence the name) or MP3 player for listening at any time. The ramifications for marketers and PR pros are just beginning to be realized.

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On The Go

In addition to podcasting as an example of portable media, video-enabled cell phones are starting to take off. While many experts see IM and cell phones as a marketing medium for coming generations, a number of marketing people are getting on board now.

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Measuring Blog Contributions

A few months ago, we discussed the pros and cons of having a corporate blog. Another reason to consider having one is that, just like with a Web site, you can monitor and measure responses to your posts.

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Journalists Measure Up

A new report, “The Moral Media: How Journalists Reason About Ethics,” says journalists rank right up there in the ethics category (see release) - fourth behind seminarians, physicians and medical students as one of the most morally developed professional groups.

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