October 20, 2004

'Google' Yourself

How do your stakeholders, competition and the media check your reputation? More and more often, it is being done quickly with the click of a mouse. That’s right, all someone who wants to know about you has to do is type your name into a search engine and voila! Out comes some very interesting information.

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What's on your company's agenda?

Some changes in the way management teams develop agendas and structure meetings can make a big difference in your company’s bottom line. A recent Harvard Business Review article (see abstract here) by Michael C. Mankins entitled “Stop Wasting Valuable Time” contained some great tips for making the most of valuable time and resources.

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Exclusive No Longer

News aggregators and Web feeds are leading to the demise of the exclusive news report. In fact, in many cases it is no longer the publication actually breaking a news story that gets the attention of these aggregators, but instead a copycat who most recently published the story.

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Media Is Job One

Brand management, crisis communications, and investor relations…it seems many people forget the main purpose of PR. In many instances it seems as though media relations and obtaining press coverage take a back seat to other (more billable?) items. This trend has to stop.

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