September 17, 2004

Mind Games

One of the biggest challenges facing the United States in its war against terrorism is not physical. It is the challenge of winning the battle of public opinion, both here at home as well as overseas. According to comments in the recently released report from the 9/11 Commission, we are doing a very bad job of it.

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Deadline USA

You may remember the 1952 Humphrey Bogart classic about the newspaper industry and the role of the media as watchdogs for the public. A recent book published by Dan Gillmor, We The Media, talks about the evolving phenomenon of consumer generated media and the effect it is having on the role of big media in todayís world.

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10 Tips for Compelling Presentations

As speaking opportunities arise, many executives feel nervous about making a public presentation. It's all about developing content - stories and images to support a central thesis without any jargon or vagueness. Here are 10 tips for sharpening content:

Be specific. Don't say your organization has many resources and offers services to the community. Say that you offer cash grants of up to $500, replace locks free-of-charge after a break-in, and help men, women, grandparents, kids, aunts and uncles.

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Media Overload

According to a report from investment banker Veronis Suhler Stevenson, by 2007 the average American will spend 3,874 hours per year with the major consumer media, up 21% over 1997ís figure.

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