July 19, 2004

PR Does Not Stand For Press Release

A recent study by the Public Relations Society of America showed that almost three quarters (74.5%) of the marketing executives questioned believe that publicity and media relations were the best indicators of a PR firmís effectiveness. Translated to investment, the greatest percentage of measurement dollars was allocated to the quality of publicity placement. Unfortunately, many executives and PR folks still equate publicity with press releases. That concept is more incorrect now than ever.

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Using Online Effectively

A recent survey by Benchmark Research (see study) of PR managers and journalists asked the following questions:

How important are online communication channels?

What are the needs of journalists online?

Are PR organizations fulfilling these needs?

Is the PR industry using or misusing online technologies?

If best use of online is not being made, why?

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Value Blogging

A recent article in CIO Magazine (Blogging for Fun and Profit) discussed the many opportunities Web logs offer to businesses. One section was devoted to the public relations aspect of blogs, in which Trylon president Lloyd Trufelman defined some of the PR benefits a blog might provide to a business.

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Broadband Planks in The Campaign Platforms

The proliferation of broadband across markets and demographics will fundamentally change how we communicate with each other. We have been waiting to see how each of the presidential candidates sees the growth of broadband unfolding. Here is what we have learned from recent candidate announcements.

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