June 19, 2004

Making the Grade . . . Again

The Holmes Report, known for its comprehensive qualitative analysis of the public relations agency business, recently released the 2004 report card on PR firms. We are again pleased to report that Trylon Communications received positive notice.

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RSS - More Control Over Content

As individuals look for more control over the content and news they receive in an increasingly fragmented media marketplace, new solutions for managing “information glut” are arriving. One of these solutions is RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The basic benefit of this technology is that readers can choose the media channels from which they receive news updates online – offering simple choices in both content and source.

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Just Say No

A recent article by the Associated Press which ran in major newspapers nationwide discussed the importance of being honest with clients and risking the possibility of disappointing the client – for the client’s benefit. Trylon Communications president Lloyd Trufelman was quoted in the article as asking, “Do you want the quick buck or build it for the long term?” In other words, sometimes you have to Just Say No.

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Marketers Relying on PR

A recent survey completed by PRWeek points out the fact that more marketers are looking for PR to help cut through the advertising clutter to reach consumers. An indication of the shift from advertising to PR is the statement from 63% of the respondents that they are exploring word of mouth as an alternative to television ads.

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