May 13, 2004

Participatory Journalism

The days of single “trusted source” journalism are on the wane. The profusion of broadband and “always-connected” access to information is allowing news consumers to choose their news topics, providers, and media. The result? Greater opportunities and challenges for PR-minded marketers exist now than ever before.

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Escape from Advertising

Consumers are tired of advertising. OK, maybe that’s not news to you. But their new ability to avoid your advertising through technology should be of concern. A recent survey from Yankelovich Partners finds that an overwhelming majority of consumers (69 percent) would buy technology that enables them to avoid advertising. How can a marketer break through the ad barrage and create consumer relationships in a world increasingly annoyed at advertising?

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Let the Viewer Beware

You are watching the local news one evening and see a video clip of the president of a local company talking about how the firm has helped solve a major community problem. You wonder how he convinced the TV station to come to his office and film the segment. Surprise! His company actually produced the segment and delivered it to the station’s news department - one more case of Participatory Journalism. Video News Releases (VNRs) are now being produced and distributed by thousands of companies and government agencies who realize they can “make” their own news.

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No Trust, No Deal (or story!)

According to Fordham University professor Kevin Jackson, “Reputation is the primary attribute of commercial relationships. If there is no trust, there is no deal, period.” The same can be said of media relationships – if there is no trust, there is no story…period.

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