March 16, 2004

2004 Rebound

Tech Editors See 2004 Rebound

While no one was predicting a boom reminiscent of the late 1990s, a trio of top technology journalists was encouraging about sales and the prospects for new technologies during a panel discussion held earlier this month at the New York Software Industry Association's Sales & Marketing Special Interest Group.

The panel was moderated by Trylon Communications, Inc. President Lloyd P. Trufelman. This is part two of two - for part one click here.

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It may come as no surprise, given the scandals plaguing corporate America, but according to a recent Harris poll, public trust in corporations is down and skepticism is up. In fact, 74 percent of those surveyed characterized corporate America’s reputation as “not good” or “terrible.”

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Start Spreadin' The News

A recent report by engineers at Hewlett Packard tracked how news travels through the Internet, growing from a single article posted in an obscure Web log into a national news story that garners major media attention. The engineers constructed a diagram that maps how news items start and travel up the Internet food chain.

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Timing the Market

Every stock investor tries to buy low and sell high. Timing the market can be very difficult for investors, but very rewarding for companies trying to gain (or avoid) attention.

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