January 16, 2004

Maintain Your Focus

When developing your next media message, consider the following quote from former Advertising Age editor John Wolfe: “The job of advertising is to convince consumers; the job of PR is to convince the press.”

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Memo Me - and the Media!

Internal communications are finding their way into the public domain more frequently than ever. With email becoming ubiquitous and instant messaging the norm, executives are frequently leaving their flanks uncovered – and offering sensitive issues for public consumption.

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Weapons of Mass Persuasion

In a previous article, we discussed the obstacles facing Middle East public perception of U.S. policy. From recent reports, it appears the war for public opinion is not making sufficient progress, largely caused by a surprising inability to provide fundamental press services and freedom of expression.

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It's A Wired, Wired World

A recent U.N. Summit called for an “inclusive information society,” and outlined a goal for developing information technology in undeveloped countries. Representatives of 176 countries came together to endorse not only a Declaration of Principles, but also a Plan of Action setting forth a road map to get the job done.

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