December 14, 2003

Making the Grade

The Holmes Report, known for its comprehensive qualitative analysis of the public relations agency business, recently released its latest report card on PR firms. We are happy to report that Trylon Communications received positive notice.

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December 13, 2003

Who's Telling Your Story

If you have an effective communications program in place, more people than just your employees will be talking about your company. Are you generating enough third-party buzz to get your name in front of prime prospects?

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Add it Up

When a top advertiser like Miller begins incorporating PR into its strategic planning, you know itís time to take notice. Applying some new metrics suggesting that PR beats television for return on investment, the gurus at the brewing company are beginning to shift more of their budget towards PR. Media and technology companies should take note, as what affects a brewing giant can impact them as well.

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December 12, 2003

Marketing Myths Exposed

A recent study by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates of Denver refuted several common myths in business-to-business marketing. A key finding was the effectiveness of PR as a marketing tool versus direct sales, collateral and advertising. The conclusions may have a direct impact on your future communication strategies.

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