October 05, 2003

Fracture Part Four: Losing Focus in a Frenzied World

Business executives have more options than ever to get their messages to the public. Does that make the task easier? Actually, it is probably more difficult than ever to maintain credibility and present coherent information, said Trylon Communications CEO Lloyd Trufelman in a lecture at Columbia University’s Strategic Communications Program.

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Now Is Too Late

The recently published book by Gerald Baron, Now Is Too Late (Financial Times/Prentice Hall publisher), discusses the need for alacrity and proactive strategy in today’s world of instant news. Citing examples such as Anderson and Firestone, he discusses the loss of brand equity through lowered public perceptions – and how such loss can be minimized.

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Great Expectations

A common problem that public relations people need to address is the failure of companies to live up to expectations on a project or initiative. In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, “Delusions of Success,” authors Dan Lovallo and Daniel Kahneman discussed how optimism can undermine executives’ decisions. What can a PR firm do to proactively defuse a situation before it explodes?

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Silence Is Deadly

In a book whose theme is closely related to that of the Great Expectations article, Leslie Perlow of the Harvard Business School writes about the tendency in business to keep quiet despite reservations about a business plan or goal. Is silence killing your company?

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