September 05, 2003

Marketing out of a Recession

Following an industry downturn, new leaders tend to emerge. These are savvy companies who take advantage of opportunities offered during slow times to build a higher profile and seize the spotlight.

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Fracture, Part Three: Credibility in the land of the Yahoos!

Getting your company mentioned in Yahoo! News by putting a press release on PR Newswire or Business Wire should not be your primary PR goal, according to Trylon President Lloyd Trufelman in a recent lecture at Columbia University.

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Analog vs. Digital

No, we aren’t talking phone lines nor information flow. We’re talking about thinking. More importantly, we’re talking about how easy it is becoming NOT to think.

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When Hype Drives Decisions

Back in the Internet glory days of the late ‘90s, investment decisions and business strategies were dictated by headlines. Venture capitalists threw dollars at business plans that were dominated by buzzwords instead of logic, and entire businesses were built on rubric. Today’s executives would be well served to apply a measure of caution to making decisions based upon media coverage of new technologies and business fashions.

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