August 02, 2003

Erroneous Information

With the recent passing of one of our most celebrated actresses, it seems appropriate to celebrate the concept behind “Desk Set,” a 1957 movie starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. This classic tale of information technology gone awry is maybe more relevant now than ever.

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Interview with Al Ries

Why advertise an unknown commodity? Why spend so much on advertising when most people don't believe the message? What good is a catchy and memorable advertisement if sales decline?

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Confidential Information

A recent U.S. District Court ruling has established that public relations executives can claim attorney-client privilege before grand juries. This gives businesses facing a potential crisis the right to include PR executives in their legal and strategic planning.

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Fracture, Part Two: Broadband and Narrowcast

Sounds like a non-sequiter, doesn’t it? Broad and narrow in the same sentence! The truth is that these two terms go hand in hand. In a recent lecture at Columbia University, Trylon President Lloyd Trufelman explained how.

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