July 05, 2003

Fracture, Part One: Broadband's Impact on PR

It took almost half a century, but we are getting closer and closer to having those wristwatches that will transmit video, provide instant messaging, and communicate with virtually anyone on the planet. In a recent lecture at Columbia University’s Strategic Communications Program, Trylon CEO Lloyd Trufelman discussed new technologies and the impact they are having on information distribution.

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The Ostrich Approach

At the onset of inquiries into Martha Stewart’s possible insider trading, the public response was somewhat evasive. How many times have we seen a crisis mushroom because the company or individual involved failed to take decisive action?

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Two Way Street

Too often, public relations professionals believe the information flow in this business is one-way: from companies to the media. However, the recent FCC ruling that relaxes media ownership requirements should have PR pros asking as many questions as they answer.

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You can be a STAR!

Why do some companies get lots of publicity, while others (yours for instance?) don’t? It is often because the companies receiving attention have made it a goal to have one of their executives placed in the spotlight as an industry “expert.”

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