May 05, 2003

Investing vs. Spending

It is amazing how many sensible executives have no problem spending money on advertising, yet don't have the foresight to invest capital into their public relations programs. When does spending money on PR become an investment? When it works! That is why we operate on a results-based flat monthly retainer basis.

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To Make a Long Story Short...

Brevity rules the electronic era. If you are a frequent reader of this newsletter, you may have noticed that our articles are fairly short and to the point. There's a large difference between writing for print and writing for electronic media, and smart executives know the difference. Here are some key points.

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Control Yourself!

In PR, image is everything. Whether a grassroots event, a story pitch, an interview, or a public appearance, how you handle yourself can make or break an entire campaign. A prime example: the recent media flap involving Kansas basketball coach Roy Williams following his team's loss in the national championship game.

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The Prime Directive

When dealing with the media, many executives fail to understand the basic job of every journalist, editor and publisher: keep their audience informed and happy. So the next time an editor doesn't respond to your story pitch, instead of asking, "Why would someone turn down such a fantastic story?" ask "Why didn't the editor think this story would benefit their publication?"

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