April 05, 2003

Promises Unkept

What is one of the biggest PR blunders a company can make? Failing to live up to promises has to rank near the top of the list. When companies try to stand out from the pack, they must fight the urge to take a little "license" -- as later events can place you in dire circumstances.

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To Boldly Go...

While this may seem like a contradiction to the article above, bear with us while we look at one of the most significant ways a company can gain attention - by making bold statements.

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The New PR Toolkit

Deirdre Breakenridge and Thomas J. DeLoughry have written "The New PR Toolkit: Strategies for Successful Media Relations," a book that will be essential to any newcomer to the PR game, as well as to those of us who have been in the business but need to get up to speed on new tools and technologies.

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Perception and Reality

Neither reality nor perception stand alone in public relations. The key to influencing public opinion is taking the reality of a situation and presenting it in a way that creates the strongest positive impression. Business drives the PR machine, not the other way around. Executives should start to worry when the tail begins to wag the dog.

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