February 17, 2003

PR and Politics

As evidenced in a recent article in the Pittsburgh Tribune–Review, politicians are becoming increasingly aware of how important a role public relations plays in political agendas.

The article reported that approximately $1 million was spent on spokespeople for various government agencies over the past year. The average amount per spokesperson was $60,000 per year. In the past, public relations was considered a minor position on the political hierarchy, but several events over the last decade have demonstrated just how important a good public relations program can be.

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Disclose, Disclose, Disclose...

…is a common mantra among real estate agents who have long lived with stringent disclosure laws and responsibilities. With enforcement action beginning against public companies for unfair disclosure, investment relations professionals are quickly learning that the mantra may work for them too.

A case in point is Seibel Systems, which has recently faced action by the SEC for violating the Fair Disclosure act by disclosing information to a select group of investment professionals,. An important aspect of the investigation is that the watchdog organization was tipped off to the violation by a media report.

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Another Year of Opportunity

In our last issue, we discussed preparing for a New Year and putting together a plan. Now that the year is upon us, it is time to put that plan into action.

It is always amazing how many PR opportunities present themselves over the course of a year. Related news stories, company developments, product launches, speaking opportunities and more are out there just waiting to be seized.

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Putting the "R" in PR

Why are some newsworthy press releases picked up while others are tossed in the bin? More than ever, it’s not the snappy headline, the terrific copy in the first paragraph, or the size of the company involved. It’s recognition and relationships, that drive positive media response.

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