October 17, 2002

Pitching Blogs: Latest Type of Online Media Vehicle May Provide Valuable PR Opportunities

The name sounds more like a sci-fi character than a legitimate news source, but blogs are rapidly becoming authoritative news sources. PR professionals should keep this new type of media on their radar screens.

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What Business are You In?

Now that companies can buy or access media lists and post press releases, some of them seem to think that the efforts of public relation professionals are superfluous. They take the “do-it-yourself” approach a little too far, and find themselves with the kind of publicity and relationships with the media that they really don’t want.

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"The Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PR" by Al Ries and Laura Ries

Ok, we admit it. Maybe we are just a tad biased. However, this book makes a case for the argument that public relations professionals have held for years – that good public relations is essential to building a brand while advertising’s place is in a maintenance role.

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PR at the Speed of Light

Everyone talks about how fast things move now. Public relations professionals need to be more organized and able to handle crises in minutes, when before they may have had hours or even days.

We have gone from a time when reports were sent via telex and phone (the early sixties Cuban missile crisis is a good example) to real time reporting direct from the center of the action via satellite. Think of how short the lead time was for the public relations people who were trying to handle the Enron mess.

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