September 17, 2002

MRM: Media Relations Management

We have all heard of CRM – Customer Relationship Management. The concept is to build rapport with your customers and develop a sense of trust. As your relationship develops over time your customer will become your ally – and if you are very lucky, your evangelist. Why not do the same for media?

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Beat the advertising budget blues

Everyone knows that the first budget getting the axe during a downturn is marketing and advertising. The company wants no drop-off in traffic or sales, but cuts the budget to the bone. Savvy marketers turn to their secret weapon – effective public relations.

Smart marketers know that the time to build market share is when everyone else is pulling back. Unfortunately, not many of us get the chance to expand our marketing during down times, as our budgets go under review and inevitably get cut.

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Are you the expert?

The one sure way to guarantee constant publicity and exposure is to become your local industry expert. Establish yourself as an authority, offer opinions on industry trends and events, and soon the media will be beating a path to your door.

Well, maybe not beating a path, but when you call them they will start taking your call – and that’s a start, isn’t it?

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Scourge of the poorly written e-mail

You are pitching a journalist on a story idea about how your new technology is going to change the world. In this case, you do actually have a story – your technology is solid and the applications are obvious. If you land this story, sales could go through the roof. The only problem is, you can’t get the journalist to answer your messages.

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