Trylon Communications  - February 2004

Pitching Bangalore

We have all heard the stories about IT jobs going to India, but here is a twist. In a recent announcement, Reuters has decided to outsource some financial reporting to journalists in Bangalore, India. Could your next story pitch be to a person on the other side of the world?

In the latest step in media globalization, the Reuters announcement shed light on the developing trend that has gone largely unnoticed. Local "stringers" are being replaced by journalists and editors who may be continents away from where the story is happening.

The initial move is to hire journalists to do financial reporting on 3,000 small to medium sized American businesses that the news service does not now cover. Six journalists will be hired to do this reporting.

While restricting the reporting to basic extraction of financial data for now, the service will continue to rely on local reporters for breaking stories and executive interviews.

However, Reuters' global managing editor, David Schlesinger, hinted that this project may be expanded if successful. In a posting to editorial employees, he stated that this could be a great way to get more news on the wires.

Considering the fact that you may now be talking with a reporter sitting in front of a computer screen thousands of miles away, unfamiliar with your company and/or unaware of the full context of the story, a comprehensive, first hand understanding of all the issues at hand, followed by clear communication, will be more important than ever for PR professionals.