Trylon SMR has continually held the position that social media has its place in the marketing mix, but is only one arrow in a marketer's quiver. A recent blog post at econsultancy agrees and goes further - the author, Matt Owen, states that social media marketers need some basic training in marketing. 

While there is no doubt that social media can be an effective communication tool, one has to be careful to understand its role in the marketing mix. It needs to coexist with both digital and traditional media, maintaining a consistent message and both feeding and feeding off of other channels. 

One mistake marketers tend to make is to assume that social media can be more effective, or more influential, than traditional media. However, traditional media such as television is constantly evolving as the media landscape changes, and is becoming more fluid and adaptable to lifestyle habits. The author of the blog points out that instead of competing with broadcast, social media marketers should instead concentrate on working with, and expanding, the broadcast channel. 

The proliferation of consumer generated media has created a plethora of information - and not all of it is valid by any means. The traditional media model of editing, organizing, and vetting data will become more important as consumers realize that not everything they read on the Web is true. 

Finally, it is pointed out that social media will never be more than a single aspect of marketing. Going back to grade school, one of the important areas in a report card is "ability to work well with others." This marketing channel needs to raise its grade.