A recent blog post by the Marketing Executives Network Group noted that PR has become a respected member of the marketing mix and that marketers are beginning to appreciate the contributions made by public relations. They then list several PR "myths" that need to be exposed. 

The first is that a public relations campaign is like advertising, but cheaper. Confusing advertising with PR is a classic mistake. These are separate disciplines that require completely different tools and abilities. As noted, however, these two marketing areas work best when they work together. 

Confusing PR with publicity is another myth, according to the post. While one goal of a PR campaign may be to earn media coverage, there can be additional benefits and desired outcomes from a well crafted strategy such as brand awareness, positioning, and building media relationships. 

Getting the word out is a traditional PR goal. But in fact, getting the "word" from the consumer or target audience can be just as critical. Providing feedback to the client on media conversations and public perception can be even more important in many circumstances. 

Press releases are PR. Anyone who knows Trylon SMR knows how we feel about press releases. Sending a press release into the media void is like spitting in the ocean. Getting a company's message to the correct media in the most effective manner is a key PR strategy. 

PR can't be measured. Granted, the old days of submitting press clippings are long gone, but thanks to today's technologies, there are more ways to measure the success of a media campaign than ever. The long tail of a story extends beyond a simple media mention and can be tracked over time. 

These are excellent examples of some of the misconceptions surrounding PR. While the growth in PR and recognition as a viable and needed marketing tool are gratifying, there is still much to be done to put these kinds of myths to rest.