Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 9

To Make a Long Story Short...

Brevity rules the electronic era. If you are a frequent reader of this newsletter, you may have noticed that our articles are fairly short and to the point. There's a large difference between writing for print and writing for electronic media, and smart executives know the difference. Here are some key points.

One advantage of writing for an interactive medium is making it possible for readers to obtain more information easily.

For instance, in one of our earlier newsletters (see the example under "Beyond Blogs") we referred to an article originally written for a print publication. A hyperlink allowed our readers to see the entire article. Links can also access documentation, Web sites or additional resources.

Paragraphs need to be short because readers looking at computer screens tend to scan information as opposed to reading every word on the printed page. Keep your paragraphs to four or five lines when possible.

Get to the point. Your first paragraph should tell enough of the story so that readers will know whether or not they want to spend more time reading the entire article.

Wrap it up neatly. Just because you are writing for a different medium does not mean you can ignore standard spelling and grammar rules. Edit, edit and edit some more. Have other people edit it too. Your readers will appreciate it.