Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 8

Perception and Reality

Neither reality nor perception stand alone in public relations. The key to influencing public opinion is taking the reality of a situation and presenting it in a way that creates the strongest positive impression. Business drives the PR machine, not the other way around. Executives should start to worry when the tail begins to wag the dog.

Crisis management is an example of this. The reality of a crisis situation can be portrayed in a number of ways. The duty of the public relations point person is to portray the facts accurately while creating the most positive possible perception.

Our job in the PR industry is to positively influence the public's relationship with clients. We meld reality and perception into a brand that reinforces the public view of the company and its achievements. A story pitch, an event, an interview - all these tactics are designed around business developments and strategies.

PR is an effective tool that will enhance a business plan and help accomplish business goals. PR in and of itself will not establish the business goals and objectives. Perception certainly matters - but can only be effectively built upon a foundation of reality.